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Jan Jařab, Regional Representative for Europe, discussing with the Minister of Justice Nikolaos Paraskevopoulos  © OHCHR

UN Human Rights office discusses policy change in Greece

A three-day mission to Greece (30 March – 1 April) provided Jan Jařab, Regional Representative for Europe of the UN Human Rights office, with opportunities to hold talks on key human rights challenges with several Ministers of the new Greek Government, the President of the Parliament, the Ombudsperson, the National Committee for Human Rights and civil society partners. The mission took place while negotiations were ongoing between Greece and its EU partners on dramatic financial issues. Representatives of the Greek Government and Parliament explained to UN Human Rights some of the negative consequences of previous austerity policies on vulnerable groups of the population. They also outlined new policies designed to address some of the most urgent problems.


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Ferentari in Bucharest © Valeriu Nicolae

Brussels’ Millenium International Documentary Film Festival 2015

On 28 March 2015, the Romanian movie Toto and his sisters by Alexander Nanau won the Objectif d’Or, the first prize at the Brussels’ Millenium International Documentary Film Festival.
Human Rights Day Celebration in Brussels 2014 © Image: YAK

Human Rights at International Borders

On 10 December every year, we celebrate the adoption of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. We remind each other that all human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights – but also that there are many challenges in the world that continue preventing many people from the full enjoyment of their human rights.

Human Rights in the news

Detention of migrants and refugees in the Czech Republic
High Commissioner Zeid strongly criticizes the detention of migrants and refugees in the Czech Republic, drawing particular attention to the violations of the rights of the children among them.
Forced evictions of Roma
High Commissioner Zeid expresses serious concerns about ongoing forced evictions of Roma and Travellers in a number of European States, including most recently in France and Bulgaria.
Migration / child rights
The committee on the Rights of the Child stresses that the continued shocking images that ricochet around the world do not tell the full extent of the devastating, and at times irreversible, impact the migration crisis has on the rights and well-being.
Sami people’s rights
The UN Special Rapporteur on the rights of indigenous peoples, Victoria Tauli-Corpuz, will assess the human rights situation of the Sami people in Finland, Sweden and Norway.
Europe / Migrant crisis
“Let’s not pretend Europe’s response is working” – UN François Crépeau calls for a human rights-based, coherent and comprehensive migration policy with mobility as its central asset.
Human rights in Europe